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    Welcome to the website of Shandong Zhongtai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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    National Sales Service Hotline


    Medical sterilization equipmentChina's high temperature sterilization equipment and technology leader

    Food machineryChina's high temperature sterilization equipment and technology leader


    Rich experienceRich experience in high temperature sterilization equipment

    Zhongtai is a supplier of sterilization equipment for the food processing industry, the beverage processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Excellent industry qualificationExcellent industry qualification

    With the national pressure vessel design, manufacturing, installation and renovation maintenance qualifications, won the "Shandong Province High-tech Enterprise" title.


    Warehousing logisticsWarehousing logistics

    We always adhere to the high-end and high standards, and pursue the corporate management philosophy of “people-oriented, customer-oriented, quality service for survival, science and technology culture for development”.

    After-sale serviceAfter-sale service

    Establish a market-oriented and strong sales mechanism and establish a comprehensive after-sales service system.


    Efficient R & D teamEfficient R & D team

    The company has an independent R&D and testing center that can perform all heat distribution tests that meet FDA standards before shipping.

    Strong R & D strengthStrong R & D strength

    The intelligent program-controlled sterilization kettle is a new product independently researched and developed by the company, which makes up for the gap in the integration of computer program control in the sterilization industry in China.


    Thank you for the following strategic partnersLong term support for China and Thailand MachineryThank you for the long-term support of the following strategic partners


    Zhongtai company founded in 2003, is a leading suppller of food processing industry, beverage industry, edible mushroom processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry in sterllization equipment. The company has a nationl pressure cessel design, manufacture, installation transformation service quallfication, was awarded the "high-tech enterprises," the title of Shandong province. Professional manufacture of ccarlous sterllzation kettle. sandwich pot, frying pan and other equipment, products have passed the European CE safety certification and ISO 9001-2000 international quality management system certification, with self import and export rights. 




    All rights reserved  ?  Shandong Zhongtai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.          

    Technical Support:china4g.cc

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